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The #14DayLML Challenge

Get Motivated

Achieve a goal together with other ladies who are doing the exact same thing, together!

Help With Clean eating

Get meal plans to help you start and keep on track. You really can eat all you want of the foods that will be included.

Fitness Plans

Lose weight simply from what you eat, or add on free workout plans geared for your level and goals.

Lizz Njagah

Professional Actress and Model

“I’m working to lose my baby weight by January and this challenge has been a total God send”.

Liz embodies the working professional woman who would like to reach her personal or professional goals and needs. Come and benefit from the same in-depth health and exercise evaluations, nutrition and mindset coaching and more to get the same results she is on track to get, and they are ambitious!

“I love using technology to give support to those trying to live healthy, coz it can be hard to just get started ”.

Jackie swopped her computer tech for people tech years ago and enjoys finding solutions to challenges, not the least of which were her daughters food allergies and her husband quest to lose wieight. She’s sharing everything she’s learned as a proud mama who’s kids eat vegetables without a fight. Her nutritional coaching will get you started even if you are juggling work and family. Her husband lost 30kg on the #100daysofnocarbs challenge she run earlier this year.

Your coaches:

Jackie Tsuma

Computer Scientist turned health coach

Your coaches:

Auma Njagah

Dance and fitness instructor and lover of life

“I’m bringing my professional dance experience to your fitness workout, its going to be fun!”

Auma is able to offer comprehensive lifestyle plans based on personal goals and needs. She incorporates functional training, strength training, nutrition coaching, and more to produce dramatic results for each individual client.

Prepare your meals in 5 minutes a day

Meals prep that doesnt leave you tied to the kitchen and allows you to get on with the business of living.


Transform your body by what you eat. You don’t even have to exercise.


Helping you live healthy in Africa.

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