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"Get all the training that you need to eat healthy"

How to Get Into The Habit of Healthy Eating And Drop That Weight Without Even Trying

What makes us successful  at eating healthy?

Community, Consistency, the right information

NOT diets, routines, or guilt.

Help With Clean eating

Get meal plans to help you start and keep on track. You really can eat all you want of the foods that will be included.

Fitness Plans

Lose weight simply from what you eat, or add on free workout plans geared for your level and goals.

Get Motivated

Achieve a goal together with other ladies who are doing the exact same thing, together!

  •  Multimedia Training. Learn in a fun environment with other amazing gals and guys just like you!
  •  Live Sessions. Come and ask your questions and hear from other awesome peeps in the same training, and get immediate feedback.
  • And most of all, don't stop there. A chance to keep on track with your goals and AND keep going with your great progress through our challenge package at the end of the session.
  1. Comprehensive Handbook: All you need in one place
  2. Meal plans and cooking tips: Quick to whip together meals that are healthy for you and help you lose weight.
  3. A fitness assessment: Learn the BEST way to get yourself on track with your fitness goals

See what some of our customers have to say:

"It helps to be on the challenge with others, to know that someone else is walking with you..."

"For the longest time in my life I have told myself, or been told, or shown that sugar and all the other wheat foods are what "good, happy life" is about.

I realize now that to replace that message with the fact that sugar, carbs, wheat are not the "good, happy life" would require to continually hear it over and over again that there is a better way to do things

It helps to be on the challenge with others, to know that someone else is walking with you - so to speak-to share with others and put the discussion on the table.

I liked it when you said the bigger goal is not counting calories or exercising perfectly but the end goal is to live your life as best as you can and be as comfortable as you can in your own skin!

Ruth Kavenge Kigali, Rwanda

"It has raised my awareness of what I am eating..."

I am thankful I did the challenge because it has raised my awareness of what I am eating. I lost my appetite for some of the unhealthy stuff, for example, I still find myself wishing for a soda on a very hot day but I don't enjoy it as much.

I will definitely keep the meal plan and use it time and again till healthy eating is my lifestyle.

Hlengiwe mudzimu Harare, Zimbabwe

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